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Finger Pain: Check Your Symptoms and Signs

Joint pain is a feature of joint inflammation (arthritis) that may occur in the joints of the finger bones. This can sometimes be accompanied by redness, swelling, or warmth of the joints. Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) commonly affect joints of the fingers.

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In its earliest stages, arthritis causes a dull, burning sensation in your fingers. You might experience this pain after an active day when you’ve used your hands more than usual. Pain in the early stages of arthritis may come and go. As arthritis worsens, more cartilage wears away.

Pain in Finger Joints a Common First Symptom of Rheumatoid

Pain in Finger Joints a Common First Symptom of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Over the longer term, DMARDs slow progression of rheumatoid arthritis and save the joints and other tissues from permanent damage. Medications often used are hydroxychloroquine …

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Trigger fingers may result in tenderness and swelling in the palm (red areas), and stiffness, pain and clicking in the finger joints (blue areas). Here’s the anatomy: Tendons act like cables to pull the fingers bent: There is a flexible tube around the tendon which keeps it from pulling away from the tendon when the finger bends.

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Joint pain in my left index finger. Why? Dr. Pierre Moeser. 4 doctors agreed: Possible diagnoses: If …

Swollen, stiff, fairly painful index finger – Arthritis

Swollen, stiff, fairly painful index finger. The 1st knuckle on my index finger is pretty swollen, stiff and has a fair amount of pain when I bend or touch it. I have already been to urgent care, and was told it was not infected due to no heat or redness. I was given Ibuprofen and a splint, told to follow up tomorrow if no improvement.

Did they take an xray? If so, what did they say about it? Is the swollen joint in your dominant hand? My mother has trouble with that joint from a lifetime of sewing, so I’m wondering if it’s a repetitive stress injury. Pain and swelling in a single joint isn’t always typical of RA, which is autoimmune, but very typical of OA, which is caused by wear-and-tear or injury. When you say “first joint”, do you mean the one closest to your fingertip, or the joint that connect your finger to your palm?I mean the biggest knuckle on my actua finger, not the one that connects it to my hand. It is my dominant hand, and I am very rough on my hands.however, none of my other knuckles have a ny soreness or pain. The Urgent Care told me to follow up this week- whick I am doing Thursday- with my primary Dr if the pain has not gone away. They said xrays would happen and blood work to look for Uric acid and i think RA as well. The swelling grew on Sunday but has since gone down. The pain is still very much there, a sharp pain between my joints. It hurts like anything if I press in that area, but does not hurt too bad as I use it, although I cannot close it fully without pain or the swelling preventing that. If it were OA, would it normally come on that quickly?Hm. I’m wondering if you have a bone spur on on that finger. I had one that didn’t really bother me until all of a sudden one day. A simple surgery to remove the spur will help, if that’s what it is. These things build up slowly over time and like I said, can randomly start bugging you out of the blue. In any case, your primary care doctor, after xrays and bloodwork, might inject a bit of steroid into that joint to quiet it down and give you some temporary relief until it’s determined what the underlying problem is. Good luck!.Oh, and go to the drug store and look in the first aid section for little finger sleeves made of an elastic material like an Ace bandage. Several sizes come in a package. You select the size to fit your finger so it’s not too tight or too loose. The material will help keep the joint warm, and the elastic will support the joint and compress some of the swelling out.Thank you, Carol, for the suggestions. I am going to try that finger my work is pretty cool and the finger hurts more when cold. Went to the DR today.Xrays were taken. She ordered bloodwork for antibodies, uric acid, and a lyme disease test. She gave me an antibiotic as well as an anti inflammatory, so I’ll see what happens over the next week. It seems to be fairly steady- not getting worse or better- in terms of pain or swelling. I cannot close the finger, proabably only halfway. The more active i am with it, the less it seems to bother me.when i wear the splint, within a couple hours the whole joint bind up and I need to saok in hot water to free up the tightness.Are you a nurse? Or Dr.? You seem to have such a wide range of Medical knowledge. Just wondering. I’ve been reading some of the reaponses you have been giving. always sounds great. so thanks again for your response to my question. lucygirl159 P.S. wish they had a spell check on the site. ( I’m a terriable speller.) Ha HaI know this is super old, but I have EXACTLY what you are describing going on – started 1 week ago. I was wondering if you ever got a diagnosis? Are you still having problems?Did you ever find out the cause of your pain? The same thing is happening to me on my non dominant index finger. Mine hurts the worst when i wake in the am, swelling will also decrease after i am up for about an hour. Still tender and sore all day but swelling and pain subside. I am healthy 44 year old male. I can’t figure this out and was surprised to find someone with the same seemingly random symptoms.I am having the same problem, do you experience a tight squeezing sensation when making a fist or retracting that finger?Very strange to hear this is happening to more people, my boyfriend had this happen to him last night. It was completely out of the blue and it started before he went to bed. He woke up and still has it all through today. I just came across this site because I was trying to find something to help him. It’s on his non dominant hand and it is his index finger. It’s very swollen, not red, not hot, it’s stiff and hurts to bend it. I can’t find any bite marks and nothing injured it. He said it hurts to make a fist or bend that finger at all. I really hope you all find something that helps. Please keep me posted if anyone has any info. Thanks!