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What Causes Bumps to Appear on the Back of Your Tongue

This condition will also cause thick, white lesions to appear in the mouth. This may include raised bumps on back of tongue or on the gums and cheeks. These bumps are benign but they might be precancerous. In some cases, red lesions known as erythroplakia will appear.

Causes & Natural Treatments for Bumps on Back of Tongue

1. Canker Sores. Canker sores are a type of mouth ulcers. They can appear on your tongue or the gums. Mouth ulcers are caused due to many reasons such as stress, injury, vitamin deficiency or consumption of particular food. Canker sores on the back of your tongue can look like white bumps.

Bumps on Back of Tongue: Causes & Natural Treatments

Red bumps can also be caused by trauma to the back of your tongue. A bite or a cut can cause red bumps. Scolding your tongue with a hot liquid or food can also cause red bumps. Other possible causes can be things like oral herpes and allergies. One of the more serious causes of …

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White Sores on Tongue. White tongue is the result of the overgrowth and the swelling of the fingerlike projections (known as the papillae) on the surface of the tongue. The appearance of the white coating is brought about by debris, bacteria and the dead cells getting lodged between the enlarged and sometimes the inflamed papillae.

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White Bumps on Back of Tongue. One of the common reasons which account for irritation is eating of spicy food. People taking these types of foods experience small bumps on tongues. Second is an allergic reactions trigger swelling of the taste buds due to the activity of the white blood cells being stimulated.

Tongue Bumps: Enlarged Papillae and Other Problems

Oral tongue cancer appears on the front part of the tongue. The lump may be gray, pink, or red. Touching it may cause bleeding. Cancer can also occur at the back, or base, of the tongue.

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White bumps may develop on your tongue when the papillae becomes swollen due to irritations. Many people normally suffers from this condition. The exact cause of lie bumps is unknown although it is linked to stress, hormonal imbalances and certain food allergies.