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Cryptorchidism: Testicle Torsion: The Testicle Fixation procedure is performed to cure the conditions described above and to lower the risk of a traumatic injury to the region. These conditions (i.e. cryptorchidism and twisted testicles) increase the risk of infertility and testicle cancer.

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Post Testicular Torsion Surgery. As you know this type of surgery requires each testicle to be stitched to each side so that torsion wont reoccur. The problem is that the stitching of my testicles to my scrotum has left me very unflexible and unable to perform many physical activities like I used to.

I can understand your pain and really feel for you. Have you visited your doctor, what is he saying? I may say it will take its own time to heal. Don’t say you feel like disabled, etc.. be positive. The psychological factor add more pain. Never loose hope, I’m pretty sure you are going to be alright soon. After checking with your doctor, why not consult for pain management techniques?Thanks for the advice and cheers. I visited two urologists so far- they both told me you are lucky you still have both esticles and they saved it on time, which they then shrugged it off. They then said there is nothing they can do for me and told me to live with it- I know that is a lie because I know they can reverse the operation and take the stiches off that restricts my testicles from moving freely but consider it a risk if I do that because there is a possibility that it will happen again. This time i know how to handle the situation. I can easily untwist it myself. Anytime you have a torsion its because your spermatic cord twisted in a knot and is in that position for a while because the scrotum has shrunk due to sexual arousal or the cold temperature in the room. when that happens the blood flow stops flowing to the testicle and the pain begins. I used to have this problem a few times when I was young (around 10 years old) but did not understand the problem, so what I did was spread my legs wide, relax and take deep breaths. Little did I know that made my scrotum loose and baggy so as to unrestrict my spermatic cord from untwisting naturally when it again had room. I know i can do the same thing the next time this happens or I can just pour warm water on the scrotum to make it loose- that I have done recently when my scrotum shrinks due to the cold. So i know If i just have a chance to reverse this damn surgery I will be fine. The challenge is finding a doctor that will do it for me. Any advice on that?What is the reason they are saying for undoing the surgery? Why not consult and take 3rd and 4th opinion from different urologists? Sometimes it helps. I guess their main concern is to keep your testicles alive. If they say it can’t be done, ask how to get rid of the pain to the doctor who did the surgery for you. You haven’t mentioned your age, married or having children. If you are in your 20s or 30s, keeping testicles alive is important for you and complete a regular family cycle, and your doctors may be thinking about the consequences of undoing it. You are already tolerating this inconvenience for 2 years after surgery, and why not wait for some more time for recovery, and find alternate techniques to keep your testicles loose and relaxed? The genitals are highly sensitive, and the recovery time is pretty slow. I know you can’t do sitz bath in warm water tub for whole day and keep your testicles loose. Why not check with your physician for any gels which can keep your testicles relaxed and loose? Try posting your condition (the first post in this topic) in the Pain Management and Men’s Health forums within this medhelp community. I’m sure you will get some good responses in Pain Management, where you should find techniques to get rid of your pain. Never give up. I’m confident that you will find a suitable technique to get rid of your pain.Hey denverman thanks for the response. It does not hurt every day but these days once or twice a week. It usually gets like that when i sit in a particular position. i believe it has to do with the way my testicles are positioned and the fact that my testicles are not able to move around like they once used to- that in itself causes pain. Also i noticed that the pain usually comes when i lie on one side for a long time. sometimes i think it has to do with the stiches because when i feel the pain it usually comes from the area where they stitched it. One way or the other I am determined to remove these stitches and have it back the way it was. The first two urologists told me that this is my new weakness in life now since my testicles are not able to move around and sometimes it will hurt due to a lack of mobility. When asked if it is possible to redo the surgery and have my testicles free, they responed that they would not do it because there is a risk that torsion might happen again and they dont want to risk it- that tells me that it is possible and a relatively easy procedure too. My only concern now is that the scar tissue to get rid of- the fact that even if they remove the stitches my testicles have attached itself to my scrotum and that is something they cant remove according to them. Not sure if it is surgically possible to seperate a testicle from a previously stitched testicle due to scar tissue. It is like a plant or a branch of a tree attaching itself to a building in time as it ages- possible to remove but will it cause harm to me if they seperate the two. Any advice?Hey Abe, I guess you are determined on “undo” surgery, and nothing else. If that is the case, you need to find a different urologist who takes the risk for doing the reverse surgery. It seems you are combining both the inconvenience and pain together which makes your case appear severe. In case if your doctor refuse to do the reverse surgery, then inconvenience is something you can get used as time passes, and manage the pain through pain management techniques. Please be cognizant of your post reverse surgery repercussions, and get all your doubts cleared with your doctor before you go for it. Good luck!Hey, Thank you for all your advice. I am a bit curious about how you know so much. Are you a urologist? or have you suffered a similar experience? Just curious as to how you know so much. Let me know. thanksNo, I’m not a urologist. I was suffering from severe chronic testicle pain for a real long period due to a different reason which affected my every day’s life. Now I successfully battled and came out those dark days and absolutely pain free. I have seen countless urologists and all the possible tests done extensively. My experience with several urologists and my own research, and health forums is helping me share my thoughts with others. Have faith in yourself and you brain understands your health better than any doctors. Have the determination to fight your pain. As I already said, never give up. Sure you will find a way to succeed and become pain free. Good luck!My urologist has advised i have it and says no one has any problems after, i dont believe him and ny biggest fear is what you described above. What stitches did you have? Where were they? is it still painful? how is mobility? how is sport? Would you reccomend the surgery? Left testi always moves freely. Twists regularly 180 degrees causing discomfort. Have to rearrange regularly. Seen consultant urologist who suggests fixing the testi with 3 stitches to the sack. the same as when you have a torsion. Unsure whether to have it. Currently causing discomfort and potential for full torsion. Although I have reached the age of 24 without this occuring ! Has anyone had this procedure without full torsion thanksHello @abe0101 I under you perfectly but I can’t pretend to be you. I have undergone surgery for torsion. unfortunately I have lost my left testicle. it was a painful experience and I wish it never happens to any man. ☆I wish the health institutions could enlighten guys on this☆ but to the man issue. my advice is seek other urologist for further assistance cause I visited the hospital ealier and the doctor in charge was so busy with his phone that he prescribed only pain killers for me which didn’t help because I think he is not a specialist in the field. pls don’t undo ur surgery I am sure there are other options. I don’t know about the cause of your surgery but over here in Ghana is very expensive so pls try and find another solution.

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The testicular pain is more noticed when there is touch, they become extremely sensitive to any touch especially at the top of the testicle. My ultrasound showed no issue with the testicles however, not even a slight swelling of the epididymis, so I am not so confident that my issue is pudendal nerve neuralgia.

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Hydrocele: Fluid collects around the testicle and can cause a heavy pulling feeling that is uncomfortable. The testicle floats in the fluid and usually cannot be felt. Surgery is done to remove the sac that surrounds the fluid. This is a day surgery and done through a small incision in the scrotum.

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Testicular torsion repair. Testicular torsion repair is surgery to untangle or untwist a spermatic cord. The spermatic cord is the collection of blood vessels in the scrotum that lead to the testicles. Testicular torsion develops when the cord twists. This pulling and twisting blocks blood flow to the testicle.

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Several possible.: Surgery for testicular torsion exposes the testicle, de-torses the spermatic cord, and fixes both testicles in place (orchipexy). The incision is similar to a hernia surgery. If the torsed testis is not viable, it is removed. Testicular salvage rates are between 41 …

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Testicular torsion is a surgical emergency that may result in the loss of the affected testicle if not treated promptly. This is a painful condition caused by the twisting of the spermatic cord, which causes a loss of blood flow to the testicle. Testicular tissue cannot survive without blood flow.

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Abnormal testicular fixation leading to torsion. The tunica vaginalis attaches to the posterolateral surface of the testes and limits their movement within the scrotum. If the fixation is too high (anterior and cephalad), the testes can move more freely and torsion is more likely. A: Fixation is normal. B: Fixation is too high, allowing the testis to rotate transversely and resulting in torsion.

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Question: What is the correct code(s) to use for bilateral testicular fixation for intermittent testicular torsion? At the time of the surgery, the patient was symptom-free. The descriptor for CPT 54600 makes me think the testis needs to currently be in torsion. CPT 54620 works, but applies to one

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Testicular torsion. The most common symptom in children is rapid onset of severe testicular pain. The testicle may also be higher than usual and vomiting may occur. In newborns pain is often absent and instead the scrotum may become discolored or a testicle may disappear from its usual place.

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Testicular torsion is a condition in which the spermatic cord that holds the testicle gets twisted. The spermatic cord contains blood vessels and passageways for sperm. When the spermatic cord is twisted, blood flow to the testicle is reduced or blocked.

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Oct 19, 2015 · Orchialgia following inguinal hernia repair is rare complication and still challenging since there has been no established surgical treatment because of …

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