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Balanitis – Inflammation of Penis Head, Swollen Penile Tip

Balanitis is the medical term for inflammation of the glans penis, also referred to as the head of the penis or tip of the penis. The inflammation often involves the foreskin (prepuce) in uncircumcised men in which case it is known as balanoposthitis .

Tip of the penis (meatus) is red and swollen like lips

Tip of the penis (meatus) is red and swollen like lips, what is the problem? Follow Posted 2 years ago, 32 users are following. magnet87. I am 29 years old, the tip of my penis (meatus) is red and swollen like lips (check the attached photos please), it has been like this since many years, sometimes the redness/swelling is little more other

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The tip and only the tip of the penis is swollen with no discharge whatsoever and no itching there is some redness but i think that is associated to the swelling. Some days the swelling …

I’m having the same exact symptoms, and the same exact response from my GP, I am going to a different doctor tomorrow and will let you know what he says, you can email me directly at ***@****. Have you heard anything about what it could be?(I’m NOT Pro-Circumcision nor Anti-circumcision and are only stating the true events that occurred) Are you uncircumcised? You probably have a severe yeast infection. I had the same exact thing and it continued to worsen even with heavy treatment and was swollen red. Eventually I had to get circumcised and it was a hack job. Unfortunately, I was also diagnosed with very severe Frenulum Breve and had to have my Frenulum removed as well. Thankfully I haven’t had anymore yeast infections since the circumcision. However, since the surgeon didn’t perform the circumcision correctly I had to see another surgeon to correct the damage and thankfully it was entirely reversible. The remaining Frenulum (which painfully wasn’t removed completely) was removed. Now after treatment you literary (I’m not sure how they did it) can’t see the scars (at all) and it looks like it was performed after birth. I’ve been circumcised for several years now and I’m very comfortable. Unlike most circumcisions I’ve seen it looks very good. When the remaining Frenulum was removed they didn’t cut/burn too deep and precisely removed only the piece of skin. I’m not telling you to get circumcised, but if the doctor recommends circumcision and you intend to go through with it—find out everything about circumcision you can before getting it done. If you’d like anymore information then feel free to send a message.Thank you for your reply. I have been circumscised since birth and the second doctor said it wasn’t a yeast infection so i’m just baffled? Thank youCan you provide more information concerning your symptoms and how often they occur? With more information I can make a much better assumption of what you’re experiencing.Hi. I just went to the doctor again yesterday. Now this is the whole series of events. Originally i went and was given treatment with Nystatin for a yeast infection. When this didn’t work I went to the doc and got a urine sample for their lab and found to be nothing there. The third time I went i was prescribed Apo-Aflox or something like that its an anti-biotic for 10 days. That didn’t work either now he has given me Fucidin as a topical anti-biotic for the next 10 days. Its just driving me insane I don’t know what to do anymore. The tip and only the tip of the penis is swollen with no discharge whatsoever and no itching there is some redness but i think that is associated to the swelling. Some days the swelling is bigger than others. I am just looking for some help please for i can’t work or go to school or even walk for more than 20 minutes not even climb stairs without it hurting me. I fnayone can help please contact me or message back thank you.I woke up this morning after itching in the sack groin area last night. In the middle of the night I put some anti itch cream on my sack groin. This morning my grion sack and the ring at the tip of my penis was swollen. still discomfert from the itch. Thats why Im on here. Any thought before I run off to the doctors!!!! Thanks

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Balanitis is an infection that can make you uncomfortable in one of the most sensitive areas — the end of your penis and the loose flap of skin that covers the tip. It can be treated, and it’s

What are the Common Causes of Penis Swelling?

Jan 12, 2019 · Penis swelling is generally caused by an injury to the penis, erection, or phimosis if the man is uncircumcised. While the penis is not injured nearly as often as other body parts, it still occasionally experiences trauma due to things like automobile accidents, sexual activity, or sports. Another potential cause of penis swelling is an

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Is the redness on the tip of my penis cancer? In very rare cases, redness on the penis or swelling may signal cancer, especially if it is associated with a growth that increases in size. You should also take note of symptoms such as changes in the color of the skin of the penis, foul-smelling discharge or bleeding, and thickening of the skin.

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The foreskin of the penis is an ideal place for these organisms to grow because it can trap moisture around the penis head. Injuries on the tip of the penis or foreskin can cause swelling and

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hi im 17. i am experienceing some penis swelling on like half inch patch of skin under the head. i was wonder if it was from some “dry humping” last night with my girlfriend. and if its really serious or if anything can be done. sorry if this is vague just would like some insight. Swelling under the head of my penis. over a year ago. I

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Inflammation of the penis can be caused by infections, such as yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases Sores on the penis and swollen lymph nodes in the groin can develop. Diagnosis. A doctor’s evaluation. Health Tip: Understanding Vasectomy. News HealthDay. Male Birth Control in a Shot: Promising, But More Work Needed

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Try wrapping a bag of frozen peas in a cloth, such as a clean tea towel, and mould this around the swollen area. Wear close-fitting underpants to give support to the painful area. Blood at the tip of the penis or in the urine is a sign of a serious injury. If you are concerned about penis swelling …

My penis tip is looking different with some swelling

My penis tip is swollen and skin is also looking different. It happened three months back. I consulted a urologist, skin specialist also, it has not reduced. I did not have any bad habits and not have any illegal relation, unmarried. Please help me. Sometimes near the tip…

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For about two months now I have had a swollen tip of my penis with a bit of swelling on the underside near the tip. There is some redness on and around the tip of my penis. I have not had any sores, been tested and came back negative for stds, and have not been sexually active in quite some time.

The tip of my dog’s penis is red and a little bit swollen

Sep 16, 2010 · The tip of my dog’s penis is red and a little bit swollen, no, he’s not excited, it’s his sheath that’s red and swollen. He’s peeing normally, drinking, eating, playing, the only thing uncommon is that he’s cleaning his penis a lot, and his pee smells like egg.

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Swollen penis. His name is Oliver and he is 1. The tip of

If you’re seeing two swollen areas near the base of the penis (closer to the testicles), this is normal anatomy when a dog achieves an erection. This swollen area is known as the bulbus glandis and expands to secure the male inside of the female during breeding.

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Yeast Infection – An overgrowth of fungus, also known as candidiasis, that causes a red rash on the penis and itching and/or burning on the tip of the penis; it is more common in uncircumcised men. Balanitis – Swelling of the tip/head or foreskin of the penis.