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Liquorice-flavoured liqueur Clue: Liquorice-flavoured liqueur We have 2 possible answers for the clue Liquorice-flavoured liqueur which appears 3 times in our database.

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Licorice-flavored liqueur : SAMBUCA. Sambuca is an Italian liqueur that is flavored with anise. Sambuca is often served straight up with three coffee beans floating on the surface. The beans are said to represent health, happiness and prosperity. A more “saucy” representation for the beans is the husband, wife and mistress.

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A liqueur flavored with anise seed, giving a licorice flavour. It is a sweeter version of Anis. Pacharán Pacharán is a popular liquor from Navarra made up with anisette and berries. Jaegermeister [YAH-ger-mice-ter] is a Germam licorice liquer (very high proof level). A complex blend of herbs, fruits and spices.

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List of liqueurs. Liqueurs are alcoholic beverages that are bottled with added sugar and have added flavors that are usually derived from fruits, herbs, or nuts. Liqueurs are distinct from eaux-de-vie, fruit brandy, and flavored liquors, which contain no added sugar. Most liqueurs range between 15% and 55% alcohol by volume .

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Anise-Flavored Liqueurs anise-flavored liqueurs = anise liqueurs = liqueurs d’anis Notes: This is a category of liqueurs that are flavored with either anise, star anise, or licorice. Examples include anisette and pastis from France, ouzo and mistra from Greece, anesone and sambuca from Italy, anis and ojen from Spain, and kasra from Libya.

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Jan 23, 2019 · Licorice liqueur is a distilled, alcoholic beverage flavored with one of many licorice-flavored herbs. The liqueur may be flavored with licorice root, anise seed, hyssop, or star anise. Many different countries produce signature liqueurs flavored with these herbs.

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Bartending/Alcohol/Anise liqueur. Anise liqueurs have a predominately anise, also known as “licorice,” taste. It is commonly derived from aniseed, although it can also come from star anise, fennel, or licorice, all of which have a similar taste, though none are related. Many anise-flavored liqueurs will turn a milky white when cold water is added.

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Sep 04, 2007 · Best Answer: Aasbach tastes straight up like liquid black licorice. It is fairly difficult to come by in the states though. It is a German liquor and very powerful stuff. You can also try Sambuca, but I don’t think it tastes as much like licorice as Aasbach does.

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