can i still have period pains and be pregnant

How Can I Be Pregnant When I Have Cramps?

Pregnancy, especially in the beginning, can cause cramps. When my period was late, I was sure that I was about to have a miserable period, even though I was staring, in disbelief at the little pink line that confirmed my anxiousness.

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Yes period-type pains can be a symptom of pregnancy. With my first pregnancy I took lots of painkillers and got drunk, so sure was I that the cramps meant my period was on its way. I got one hell of a shock a couple of days later when I peed on a stick out of boredom and habit and got a BFP. Add message | Report.

How do I Tell if I Have Pregnancy Cramps or Period Cramps?

Jan 02, 2019 · If you are still not sure whether you are having pregnancy cramps or period cramps, you should consider any other symptoms you have. For instance, you may have tender breasts, fatigue and nausea, all of which are common in early pregnancy.

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Jan 11, 2009 · you can get signs that you are having a period but still be pregnant, u need to buy an early pregnancy test and check! i just did a first response and i have a positive , and i am getting cramps! good luck

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Could period-like cramps also mean that I am pregnant

Could period-like cramps also mean that I am pregnant? I am getting the same symptoms I typically get before my period starts. Did you have period-like symptoms when you got pregnant? Also, who actually got implantation bleeding AND got pregnant? is there still a chance? 4 Asked 3 hours ago See all in Could I Be Pregnant? I have been

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Cramps. Cramps are a typical part of your monthly menstrual cycle, but did you know they could …

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Sep 17, 2018 · Hi All, wondering if you can help me. I am five weeks pregnant today and i have been having period like cramps since i found out 5 days ago. i went to the gp and she sent me straight to EPU as they said cramping can be ectopic/misscarriage.

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Jan 25, 2011 · Bleeding in pregnancy is not at all unusual. Why You Can’t Have a Period During Pregnancy. The reason you cannot be pregnant but still have a period is that a period, by definition, is the blood loss that occurs at the end of a menstrual cycle as a …

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IM CRAMPING AND I HAVE MY PERIOD WHILE PREGNANT. If you were pregnant and began menstruating, inevitably you would lose the pregnancy or have a miscarriage. Although you can’t be pregnant and have a period at the same time, you can, in fact, experience vaginal bleeding and continue to be pregnant.

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Nov 05, 2014 · Can A Woman Have Menstrual (Pelvic) Cramps And Still Possibly Be Pregnant? My period was supposed to have already been here 2 days ago; although I am irregular. I went 4 months without a period the time before my last period.

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Yes, you can have regular periods while pregnant. I gave birth to 8 children. I has a regular period with 5 of then. In one of my pregnancies, I had regular periods until I gave birth. I still think you should consult a doctor. Sometimes, your body produces low levels of HCG, and they cannot be detected by urine and sometimes blood pregnancy tests.

anyone been pregnant and still had negative home pregnancy Nov 17, 2010
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i had unprotected sex..but then i got my periodcould i

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Is it possible to be pregnant and still have periods

Bleeding from a miscarriage can sometimes feel like a period, but it’s usually heavier, with more painful tummy cramps. Ectopic pregnancy is another type of worrying bleeding, when the embryo implants in a fallopian tube instead of the womb.

Bleeding during pregnancy: Can you still have a period

Missing a period is one of the most common indicators of pregnancy in the first place, so although I’m fairly ill-informed where pregnancy is concerned (like I said – not actually been there myself) I’d assume with confidence that a woman remains period-free for the duration of having a bun in her oven.