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A magpie is a black and white bird with a long black tail that is related to the raven and crow. They build their nest in trees because a building people may scare them away. the natural habitat of a Magpie is near rivers streams ,as well as meadow areas , grasslands and oak woods .

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The black-billed magpie is one of the few North American birds that build a domed nest. This nest is made up of twigs and sits near the top of trees. Usually 6–7 eggs are laid. Incubation, by the female only, starts when the clutch is complete, and lasts 16–21 days. The nestling period is 3–4 weeks.

Family: Corvidae

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They also kill small mammals such as squirrels and voles, and raid birds’ nests. Carrion is also a main food source, as are the fly maggots found in carrion. Sometimes they steal meat from the kills of coyotes and foxes. Magpies also land atop large animals, such as cows or moose, and pick ticks off them.

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And since magpies can live between 25 and 30 years and are territorial, they can develop lifelong friendships with humans. This bond can extend to trusting certain people around their offspring.

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Magpies nest individually or in loose colonies, frequently toward the top of deciduous or evergreen trees or tall shrubs. Nests are built by both sexes over a 40- to 50-day period. Old nests are repaired and used, or a new nest is built on top, with older nests reaching 48 inches deep by 40 inches wide.

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Magpie; The truth about magpies. Magpies do not have the best of reputations. “There is absolutely no evidence that people have ever found anything silver or shiny in a magpie’s nest.”

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Breeding magpies. These non-breeding birds often form flocks with a home range of up to 20 hectares (about 50 acres) and may pair up within the flock. Magpies usually breed from two years old, although some may breed at one year. They build large, domed nests in thorny bushes or high up in tall trees.

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Swooping. Magpies are a protected native species in Australia, so it is illegal to kill or harm them. However, this protection is removed in some Australian states if a magpie attacks a human, allowing for the bird to be destroyed if it is considered particularly aggressive (such a provision is …

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