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6) Growing skull fractures are a rare complication of linear skull fractures and occur almost exclusively in children less than three years of age. In addition a CT scan showed a linear skull fracture with small sulcal traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage or contusion in the left parietal region with significant mass effect on the midline shirt.

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Linear Skull Fracture by Sean M. Fox · Published January 6, 2017 · Updated July 30, 2017 We all know that traumatic brain injury is a significant concern when evaluating pediatric patients with head injury.

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Linear Skull Fractures. Most linear skull fractures are relatively insignificant, unless it runs through a suture, venous sinus groove, or vascular channel. In these cases, the fracture could cause venous sinus thrombosis and occlusion or epidural hematoma, or bruising. Simple linear fractures are the most common type of skull fracture.

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Linear skull fracture is usually caused by low-energy, blunt trauma. This trauma acts over a wide surface of the skull. It spreads through entire thickness of the bone.

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Linear skull fracture information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues.

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A skull fracture is any break in the cranial bone, also known as the skull. There are many types of skull fractures, but only one major cause: an impact or a blow to the head that’s strong enough to break the bone. An injury to the brain can also accompany the fracture, but that’s not always the case. A fracture isn’t always easy to see.

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Linear Skull Fracture. It may also be accompanied by an injury to the brain. A simple fracture of the skull is a break in the bone without any damage to the skin. A Linear Skull Fracture is a break in a cranial bone that looks like a thin line, without splintering or creating a .

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Oct 15, 2013 · What is a skull fracture? A head fracture, also known as a cranial fracture, is the subject of this video. The definition and types of skull fractures are discussed, including linear, depressed

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Skull fracture. A linear skull fracture is a break in a cranial bone resembling a thin line, without splintering, depression, or distortion of bone. A depressed skull fracture is a break in a cranial bone (or “crushed” portion of skull) with depression of the bone in toward the brain. A compound fracture involves a break in, or loss of,

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Linear fracture. Linear skull fractures are usually of little clinical significance unless they parallel in close proximity or transverse a suture, or they involve a venous sinus groove or vascular channel. The resulting complications may include suture diastasis, venous sinus thrombosis, and epidural hematoma.

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