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PICC Line. A PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) line goes into your arm and runs all the way to a large vein near your heart. The other end may have one or two tubes, called lumens, that stick out of your arm just above your elbow. That’s where the medicine goes.

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What Exactly Is a Central Line? There are a variety of different types of central lines (also called catheters) that can be left in your body for varying lengths of times. We will discuss the ones that can be left in for months at a time.

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What Is A Central Line?

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medical Definition of central line. : an IV line that is inserted into a large vein (as the superior vena cava) typically in the neck or near the heart for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes (as to administer medicines or fluids or withdraw blood) I had trained in the intensive care unit.

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Central line infections – hospitals. You have a central line. This is a long tube (catheter) that goes into a vein in your chest, arm, or groin and ends at your heart or in a large vein. Your central line carries nutrients and medicine into your body. It can also be used …

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Medical Definition of Central venous line. There are two types of long term central lines: the cuffed or tunnelled line and the reservoir long line that ends in a rubber bulb or reservoir. The possible complications of a central venous line include air in the chest ( pneumothorax) due to a punctured lung, bleeding in the chest (hemothorax),

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A central venous line is a device inserted into the superior vena cava or right atrium. Central venous lines. 11 March, 2003. A central venous line is a device …

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central line. A venous access device inserted into and kept in the vena cava, innominate, or subclavian veins. It is used to infuse fluids and medicines, or for gaining access to the heart to measure pressures in the venous circulation. Keeping the line open permits later venous access when the veins might be collapsed and difficult to enter.