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Growing Pains in Children: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Studies suggest that children who have growing pains may be more sensitive to pain. Children who have growing pains are also more likely to have headaches and abdominal pain.

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Knee pain in children: Knee pain in children refers to discomfort in the knee of a child. See detailed information below for a list of 25 causes of Knee pain in children , Symptom Checker , including diseases and drug side effect causes.

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Knee Pain in Children. Knee pain in children is a common phenomenon and is usually not a reason for concern. Only when severe pain persists for more than a week, then medical attention is necessary. The physician is to be contacted if the child’s movement is restricted, or if the child’s knee is red or swollen.

What Are the Causes of Knee Pain in Children

Knee pain is a common complaint in active children who tend to suffer repeated trauma to the legs. But trauma is not the only reason for children to complain of knee pain–it can also be a symptom of a more serious condition. Prompt identification and treatment of these potentially crippling conditions is necessary to avoid long-term disability.

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Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis. The child will be unwell with a short history of a temperature, knee pain, a limp or inability to walk, perhaps swelling (an effusion) and be systemically unwell. There is often an association with minor trauma, which should not distract from the possibility of infection as a cause of knee …

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Hello, my daughter is 3 yrs old. SHe had the exact same symptoms. Knee pain in the middle of the night as well as in the morning (more so in the morning) after visiting with her pediatrician and ortho they have concluded she has JRA (Juvenile Rheumatiod Arthritis). SHe …

Ok i am wondering the same thing. My DD just woke up to night screaming on leg pain. I thought growing pains. Then she kept say the top of her leg. So then i thought well maybe she is having a cramp. I tried to rub her leg. She kept say no the top. Finally i got it that she meant her knee. She has never done this before. I was wondering if you ever found anything out about your DD’s leg pain. My dd is also 4.My daughter is having the same problem. She is only two, but has been complaining of knee pain for a while (3 mos or so). She wakes up crying in the night because her knees hurt. I usually give her motrin, and she will make it through the night. Besides growing pains, is there any other “problems” that this can indicate.I am still looking around for more info.Hello, my daughter is 3 yrs old. SHe had the exact same symptoms. Knee pain in the middle of the night as well as in the morning (more so in the morning) after visiting with her pediatrician and ortho they have concluded she has JRA (Juvenile Rheumatiod Arthritis). SHe has seen a pediatric arthritis specialists as well. This is definately something you should bring to your pediatrician’s attention.HI, I am a family practice Physician Assistant and would ask your pediatrician to send your child for an x ray to make sure your daughter does not have any bone tumors, I know nobody wants to think of the worst but I do it for all my patients kids who complain of knee pain, especially if it is on one side. Also have her routine blood work checked to make sure she does not have leukemia. I hope the information helps!!Hi I was wondering if you ever looked into what was causing your daughter to have knee pain . My son is 4 and has been complaining about knee pain that occurs in the middle of the night -and sometimes during the day every couple of weeks . I give him motrin and he feels better. Im just a little worried My pediatrician isn’t really concerned because its not constant but asked me to have blood work done .My daughter has been having knee pain since 9 months old, she’s now 3 1/2 years old and is still waking 3 – 4 x a week with the pain. It’s usually in the evening or early part of the night. Motrin seems to help, but I’m torn because she’s had so much of the stuff. We’re trying homeopathic remedies now and consulting a pediatric consultant. He’s watching her every 6 months, but doesn’t feel it’s anything serious because it’s not getting worse and her bloodwork had nothing come back. He feels it might be a hyperextenion disorder of the joint, however I’m not sure I’m convinced that’s it. It’s very hard to sit back and watch and not be able to help fix the problem. She also gets pain in her arm muscle between wrist and elbow. Still looking for answers.I went through the same thing with my 2 year old at the time. To make a VERY long story short, he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain, he started to cry in the middle of something, then it would go away like nothing happened. It was either head hurting, knees or feet, sometimes stomach. It was hard to get a specific with a 2 year old. I kept bringing him to the dr’s. I was told growing pains, too. I brought him to the ER at one point and he had a spinal tap and was admitted. But they couldn’t find what was wrong. Then he had gotten speckles on his butt and bruise like marks that wouldn’t go away. From that his Dr. diagnosed him with HSP (his immune system was attacking his intestins and kidneys, and triggers artheritis and headaches) which he did have. Confirmed with blood work. It was supposed to go away on its own within like 8 weeks, and at the time it was 4 months. He had his urine tested. His back hurt in his car seat. But to make the story shorter, I figured out he was allergic to MILK of all things. And he would have a reaction 4 hours later. I had bought new carseats out of despiration. I wouldn’t have ever thought in a million years milk would give a reaction like this. Since then I read all labels and he has been a new child. He no longer screams in pain, unless there is some sort of cross contamination, from a friends house, or something. But I wished someone would have told me this to save the heartache and sleepless nights and so much worry. I do hope things have gotten better for you. I just had to share from one mom to another. There was so much more in detail with head pain, behind the knee pain. sweating, temprature droping (i thought my thermometer was broken) so much more that I could get into detail. ALL OF THAT GONE GOING DAIRY FREE! I could not believe it! I have three kids. It’s been almost a year. and I’ve also noticed no more ear infections, sinus infections. And when they do get sick, its unbelievibly just runny noses for a couple of days and that’s it. And my husband used to take omeprazol (?) 2x a day for acid indigestion, and he no longer gets it. My oldest used to get migrains and no longer has them either. Not in a million years would I have guessed things would have changed for the better with no milk. I hope this helps somebody. (I’m finding it easier to copy and paste this, so sorry if you read this in more than one discusion. I’m motivated to help at least one child that’s going through what we went through)My 3 1/2 old daughter was just diagnosed with HSP this month and we are going on our 3rd week with reoccurring symptoms..abdominal pain, joint pain,purpura..I am giving her Motrin 2 -3 times a day and I feel like it’s getting to be too much..Did you find relief for your daughter with Motrin? And if so did you have to give it to her daily? Any comments would be appreciated. ThanksTrinity, Long Island, NYHello, I’m sorry you’re going through this. =( It’s a very hard thing to deal with. I really had no guidence. So I’m just telling out of my experience and what has worked for us. When my daughter used to have migraines, the ped told me to give her motrin for the inflamation causing the migraines, that motrin passes through the kidneys and tylenol passes through the liver. Once I found out my son had HSP, and was told it was affecting his kidneys. I chose to quit giving him motrin on my own, from remembering what the ped said before. I am still afraid to give him motrin. But before I knew that, yes, I gave motrin or tylenol, quite often. That would help ease the pain. Even now, when he occationally has a reaction from cross contamination of dairy at a friends house. I give him tylenol, which starts to help with his pain about a half an hour later, until it starts to pass. It doesn’t completly go away, but it makes it more bearable for him. He is now 4. He totaly understands what and why he has a reaction from now. He won’t even touch anything that might have dairy, because he knows for him, that’s what causes his pain. He’s even had a reaction this January from my Father in laws birthday party. He did not eat anything with dairy. But he took a drink of water from a wrong glass after somebody ate a piece of cake, and had a reaction when we got home, 4 hours later. Which is crazy to me. But also a relief knowing this isn’t a daily struggle anymore. We had stuggled with the intense part (the extreme pain) for about a year. I could not take “HSP goes away on it’s own”. Yes, it eased up for him, after about, I’d say 5 months, but didn’t fully go away. I hope you find what works for you. =)

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“Knee cap pain is one of the most common problems I see in teens and preteens,” says Mark Halstead, MD, sports medicine specialist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. He says knee pain in that age group can be from overuse, an imbalance in muscle strength and flexibility, or from Osgood-Schlatter disease , a growth-related disease.

8 Signs Your Child’s Knee Needs To Be Examined

The knee is giving out and feels like it can’t support weight.