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The right marginal branch of right coronary artery (or right marginal artery) is a large marginal branch which follows the acute margin of the heart and supplies branches to both surfaces of the right ventricle. Coronary arteries (labeled in red text) and other major landmarks (in blue text).

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A branch running toward the apex of the heart, termed the right marginal artery is greater in calibre than other anterior ventricular arteries (Snell). In case of right SANA, the origin was proximal to origin of right marginal artery in all the hearts.

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The right marginal artery, also known as the right intermediate atrial branch, supplies the surrounding right atrial tissues 1,2 and, in 10-15% of cases, provides the main arterial supply to the sinus node 3,4. It also sometimes known as a the acute marginal artery or margo acutus.

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The right marginal artery of the heart is a branch of the right coronary artery. It branches off at the inferior border of the heart and passes to the left towards the apex. It passes horizontally, branching and tapering along its route. It supplies the right ventricle. Occasionally, the right marginal artery may arise from a more proximal point

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Right coronary artery. The right coronary artery is one of several major vessels that provide blood to the heart. The right coronary artery splits into the acute marginal arteries and the right posterior coronary artery. Other arteries that are derived from the right and left artery …

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Right Coronary Artery. Right Coronary Artery: The right coronary artery (RCA), which divides into the right posterior descending artery and a large marginal branch, supplies blood to the heart ventricles, right atrium, and sinoatrial node (cluster of cells in the right …

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Right Coronary Artery (RCA) The right coronary artery branches into: Right marginal artery; Posterior descending artery; The right coronary artery supplies: Right atrium; Right ventricle; Bottom portion of both ventricles and back of the septum; The main portion of the right coronary artery provides blood to the right side of the heart, which pumps blood to the lungs.

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The right coronary artery supplies principally the right atrium and ventricle. The left coronary artery, which divides near its origin into the anterior descending and the circumflex branches, supplies principally the left ventricle and atrium, but there is some overlap.

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right marginal artery. A branch of the right coronary artery supplies blood to the lateral wall of the right ventricle. posterior interventricular artery. A branch of the right coronary artery, lies in the posterior interventricular sulcus and supplies blood to the posterior and inferior part of the heart.

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The most prominent of these is the right marginal branch which runs down the right margin of the heart supplying this part of the right ventricle. As the right coronary curves posteriorly and descends downward on the posterior surface of the heart, it gives off two to three branches. The AV nodal artery which branches from

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The right coronary artery divides into smaller branches, including the right posterior descending artery and the acute marginal artery. Together with the left anterior descending artery, the right coronary artery helps supply blood to the middle or septum of the heart.

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Right marginal artery or RV-branch. The RCA supplies blood to the right ventricle through the acute marginal branch (also known as the right marginal artery or the right ventricular (RV) branch). This branch runs along the anterior aspect of the right ventricle to supply this region.