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Exercise-Induced Vasculitis: Understanding Golfer’s Leg Rash

The leg rash will generally go away by itself in three to 10 days. Using a topical over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream might reduce the symptoms. Pampering yourself after a good long walk by taking a cool bath, sitting with your feet up, or applying cool wet towels to the rash may help relieve discomfort.

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If a rash is present on your legs after exercising, you will feel itching, burning, tingling or a prickling feeling. You may experience a warm sensation on the rash and the appearance and feeling will worsen if you scratch the area.

What is red rash around lower leg above the ankle

What is red rash around lower leg above the ankle? rash in lower leg mostly inside and closer to my calves. From time to time i get it on my fingers and hands as well. I first got the ankle rash in the 1980s in Washington DC after walking on the grass at the Mall in late spring or summer. It was red, blotchy, slightly raised, but not

Can’t believe these posts. I have the same rash happeningi am in Disney World searching the internet for answers while doing laundry at Ft Wilderness! I am concerned about going back to repeat a 4th day of extreme walking in the parks today. Noticed the rash last night. Have never had this before. Been to Disney many times.I just got back from Orlando Florida my boyfriend and I both got this mysterious itching around the ankles!! Im from Georgia and I know this itch anywhere!!! I’m convinced it’s “chiggers”!!!! The best remedy is put clear fingernail polish over the bites and try very hard not to scratch yourself to pieces.Just moved to Florida. Yesterday was the hottest day in December this year. I spent the day at Hollywood Studios. While I am overweight, I walk or run 3 miles every day and am quite active. I wore an mid-calf length skirt, & no socks. The rash starts above my ankle, and ends around my skirt hem. The rash is mostly prominent on my inner legs, but not so much on the out sides of my legs. I did sit on the curb as we ate our lunch, and later on the curb while waiting for a parade. Wondering if everyone on this post sat down on a curb or the ground at some point for a parade perhaps? It does seem irregular that so many people share the exact same symptoms, and it is simply ‘heat reflection’ related. Thanks for the posts – it has been very informative and helpful to read to keep my panic at bay.I have been having this problem for a few years now. I get it when traveling to any tropical place with weather ranging in 80-90 degrees. Reading many of these posts it seems like I have the very same symptoms; rash in lower leg mostly inside and closer to my calves. From time to time i get it on my fingers and hands as well. They usually start with several scattered bumps on the 2-3 day of my trip and get progressively worst, i.e the bumps become more condense and it almost looks like a large patch. I have had these recurrence problem in Hawaii, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, and Caribbean Islands. I use a topical cream (prescription only) called Clobetasol Cream 0405 which helps quite a bit with the itching and swelling. So this creamhas become a must item in most of my trips. However this is only treating the symptoms and not finding the cause. I would like to know if there is anyway to stop this skin condition when travelling.I find this problem to also be somehow connected to the lower immune system, because in many instances it is followed by a cold/flu. Thanks for sharing your experiences.I have the same rash. It was first noticed on my lower right leg on the inside just above my ankle after my husband and I had spent the day in the water at Lido Beach, in Florida. It went away within a few days. A month later we went on a cruise and overnight it returned, in the same area, only much larger, bigger than a quarter. It went away after about a week. The next time it returned after I spent the day at Disney walking. This time it spread to several places on my lower right calve and also began appearing on my left lower leg as well. It doesn’t hur, it doesn’t it. It will be slightly raised at first and then is just a flat, red/pink splotch. I have been applying various things such as Lotramin, peroxide, antibiotic cream. My hygene is very good and I wear clean clothing every day. I am concerned that I came in contact with some bacteria at the beach. I use an epil to remove hair from my legs which would have given the bacteria an easy access to get under my skin.It’s called Exercise Induced Vasculitis, or more commonly, Golfer’s Vasculitis. Just Google it for information. There’s a thread dedicated to it on MedHelp.I have had this on several ocassionsI think it is just from walking alot and standing on your feet for long periods of time. I went to six flags this week and after being on my feet and walking for 9 hours. It goes away a few days. I wouldnt worry about itIt happened to me when I was in my 20’s and now 40’s.really helpful post – just returned from Scoot and am miserable!I have gotten the ankle rash every time I have gone to Disney parks. I noticed it first at EPCOT 20 years ago and the first aid station nurses called it “concrete dermatitis” Ha. I am a nurse and that struck me funny. I ended up on other trips visiting a “doc in a box” doctor and would end up on a dose pack of steroids. I actually would go to my home doctor and ask for some steroids in advance so I wouldn’t have to take time out of my trip, if the rash came back. It sure is an ugly looking thing. But over the years, I have encountered the rash at the beach once (walking in the heat of bike paths), in Italy in the heat (walking lots in the villages) and most recently on a cruise in Rome where we walked probably seven miles or more. This last time, I had had long pants on. And I still go the rash! I am 55 and overweight but walk a lot. I had no steroids, but had some steroid cream and antihistamines. The rash was raised, hot and ugly. Not what you want on a cruise! So, I used the steroid cream and doubled up on antihistamines (you can during peak allergy season) and it went down in a couple of days versus a week or more without treatment. Don’t know how to avoid it. Walking is one key, heat another but prevention.not sure.I’m just experiencing a similar rash & ankle swelling after having done a lot of walking in the heat on Sat. I found you comment very helpful, but–what is heat fomentation? Thanks!

Golfer’s Vasculitis or Ankle Heat Rash: What Causes Ankle

Golfer’s Vasculitis or Ankle Heat Rash: What Causes Ankle Heat Rash? after walking or playing 18 holes of golf also develop heat rashes around their ankles. Liberally dust your feet, ankles, calves and legs with some prickly heat powder. This will prevent excess sweating.

Hiker’s rash: red rash between knee and ankle after hiking

/ Hiker’s rash: red rash between knee and ankle after hiking for several hours. Hiker’s rash: red rash between knee and ankle after hiking for several hours. May 4, sun and dust. When present in the right combination, the hiker’s rash breaks out on my lower legs. Two hikes, two results.

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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Novick on red blotches on legs after walking: Leg swelling can be secondary to either heart failure or deep vein insufficiency in your legs. Also kidney or liver disease can sometimes cause leg swellingg.

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May 27, 2010 · Advice please rash lower legs after hiking!!! Thread starter LTfit; Start date Apr 27, 2010; LTfit Veteran Member. Donating Member. When I was ‘training’ before the Camino I used to get this kind of rash when I went out walking on hot days for an extended period. From experience I found that leaving it alone didn’t fix it: it often seemed

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Why Do I Have Swollen Legs And A Red Rash Above My Ankles

Why Do I Have Swollen Legs And A Red Rash Above My Ankles? I have been retaining fluid and have swollen legs, most likely because I have been taking Norvasc. There is also a bright red rash on the

The Disney Rash — Build A Better Mouse Trip

After that, I was very careful about applying the spray sunscreen on ankles and lower legs and I really do believe it helps. You Might Also Like “Top 10 Tips for Summer Trips” What to Do If You Already Have the Rash

Anyone else get the “Disney Rash” on their legs? | The DIS

Jul 04, 2010 · Anyone else get the “Disney Rash” on their legs? It now covers most of her lower leg from the top of where her socks ended (nothing on her feet) up to below her knees. We Googled “Disney Rash” and found many references to it but no definite answer. The DIS Disney Discussion Forums – DISboards.com.

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Exercise-induced vasculitis mainly affects one or both lower legs and thighs, with single or multiple episodes of a rash with the following characteristics: Involvement of exposed skin and sparing of skin protected by socks or stockings

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What is an red rash on ankles after walking can be caused by a. Itchy Ankles – What Causes it? Plus Symptoms and Treatment Options. What is red rash around lower leg above the ankle? – Dermatology Itchy ankles may occur alongside signs of injury or trauma to the region.

What Causes Petechiae on Legs & How is it Treated?

Jun 27, 2016 · If the petechiae appear in clusters, then they resemble a rash on the legs. Know what are petechiae, what causes petechiae on legs, its symptoms and treatment. Bone marrow cancer and leukemia are fatal medical conditions, which lower the platelet count. This is considered as a major cause of petechiae.

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Communities > Dermatology > red rash above ankle after walking. Aa. A. A. A. Close Dermatology Community I develop a red blotchy rash right above my ankles that feels like sunburn on both legs. This has happened many times, usually after shopping or being on my feet for long periods of time.

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Read more about these common symptoms of vein disease: Leg pains and aches most often occurring in the buttocks, calves, and thighs, occurs after walking, exercise, or exertion and is alleviated quickly with rest. condition leading to a red rash on the lower legs that is usually very itchy. If you have been diagnosed with chronic