paint fumes and pregnancy

Is it safe to paint or be around paint fumes during pregnancy?

It’s best to limit your exposure to paint and paint fumes while you’re pregnant. Most paint contains solvents (petroleum-based chemicals) that can cause health problems if you inhale too much of them. Research that has looked at paint exposure during pregnancy has not shown consistent results

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Paint and Paint Fumes During Pregnancy Updated on September 17, 2018 It is unlikely that a brief low dose exposure to paint fumes will cause any of the conditions that may be associated with occupational exposure throughout pregnancy.

Paint and Pregnancy: Safety & Precautions

The likelihood of paint toxicity depends on the chemicals and solvents found in the paint along with the amount of exposure. Household Paint Use. The most common question related to pregnancy and paint exposure has to do with painting the new baby’s nursery or decorating the house before the baby arrives.

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Spray Paint Fumes and Pregnancy Basically, there are two types of paints: those containing solvents (added chemicals) while others are classified as water-based paints. Numerous studies have already proved health hazards associated with breathing fumes of solvent-based paints.

Non-occupational exposure to paint fumes during pregnancy

Aug 14, 2012 · Paint fumes exposure assessment. In the time period between September 2001 and May 2003 the second prenatal interview included questions about exposure to paint fumes in the residence. In total 20 103 pregnant women were interviewed during this time period.

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Exposure to paint fumes during pregnancy can impact the baby even years after the birth. Learning difficulties have been linked with paint fume exposure, particularly exposure to oil-based paints.