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Gianduiotto is the traditional expression of the Italian chocolate-maker’s art, produced initially for the Turin Carnival in 1865. In addition to the original recipe, Vanini now offers a dark chocolate Gianduiotto.

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Gianduiotto… the most famous chocolate made of cocoa and hazelnut paste.. It was created in Piedmont in the mid 19th century when cocoa was as precious as gold…. Gianduiotti Novi are the most appreciated among consumers, thanks to their genuine flavour, fruit of a blend of the best varieties of cocoa and fine local hazelnuts.

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Novi Chocolate. Novi Chocolate is made of Gianduja. Gianduja is a mixture of chocolate and finely grounded Piedmont hazelnuts. The filling consists of whole Piedmont hazelnuts. Such kind of hazelnuts are not something usual. They only grow in the province of Piedmont. Novi takes only the best of those Piedmont hazelnuts for their chocolate.

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Gianduiotto. The Gianduiotto ( IPA: [dʒanduˈjɔtto]; Piemontese: Giandojòt [dʒaŋdʊˈjɔt]) is chocolate originally from Piedmont, in northern Italy, whose shape is similar to an upturned boat. Gianduiotti are individually wrapped in a tinfoil cover, usually gold or silver-colored. It is the speciality of Turin, and takes its name from gianduja,

Main ingredients: Gianduja (sugar, cocoa, hazelnuts)

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Born in Piedmont in the middle of the ‘800, when cocoa was as precious as gold, Gianduiotto is a chocolate treat based of cocoa and a noisette and nuts paste. Novi chooses the typical “nocciola del Piemonte” i.e. Noisette from Piedmont PDO to prepare this recipe, perfect to keep around the house, a sweet finish or a present.

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Later, he perfected the recipe with Ernesto Alberto Caffarel, the owner of a chocolate-manufacturing company, Caffarel, which is still famous today for the production of Gianduiotti. Caffarel also gave Gianduiotto its famous upturned boat shape.

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Extra fine milk chocolate with crushed hazelnuts and an extra plain chocolate 72% shell containing a soft cream and a whole hazelnut from our hills. Nocciolato Novi in single portions. Pure gianduia, white and plain chocolate with two fragrant whole hazelnuts from our hills.

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Discover Novi chocolate. The legendary fizzy orange and lemon flavoured sweets. The legendary fizzy cola sweets. Soft rubbery sweet with natural liquorice extract. Fine milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Dark chocolate with 72% cocoa. The delicious milk chocolate bar …

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The first Gianduiotto. The first wrapped chocolate in history. From the union between the finest chocolate and the best Piedmont hazelnuts comes a velvety and absolutely unique pleasure. Opening the wrapper, the first thing that captures you is the intense scent of cocoa and hazelnuts. The smooth, soft and silky taste is a prelude to the

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