my coccyx hurts for no reason

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Direct trauma to the tailbone is the most common cause of coccydynia, and usually leads to inflammation surrounding the coccyx, which contributes to pain and discomfort. There are many cases reported in which pain begins with no identifiable origin (called idiopathic coccydynia).

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Zocdoc › Answers › Why does my tailbone hurt? But now my tailbone started to hurt. I sit down at work a lot, but not all day. Why would my tailbone just start hurting all of the sudden? Answer. Believe it or not, pain in the tailbone actually has a fancy medical name – it is called coccydynia!

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Pain and local tenderness that occur at the coccyx are the major symptoms of coccydynia. Tailbone pain can lead to difficulty sitting or leaning against the buttocks. Along with the coccyx pain with sitting, there is typically exquisite pain at the tailbone area.

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Tailbone pain — pain that occurs in or around the bony structure at the bottom of the spine (coccyx) — can be caused by trauma to the coccyx during a fall, prolonged sitting on a hard or narrow surface, degenerative joint changes, or vaginal childbirth.

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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Fowler on sore tailbone for no reason: It is quite possible that the nerve in your tooth has died without you knowing it either from decay, a large filling or even after a tooth has been crowned. Sometimes a nerve (pulp) of a tooth may die just from a traumatic incident as well and may take years to happen.

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my tail bone just started to hurt for no reason really bad to the point to where i could barely walk and stand but it got better and i can walk now but it hurts when its touched also i think its abnormally large because when ever i do sit ups it hits

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Pain in tailbone. No injury. Random. too. Totally out of the blue, with no discernible reason for it. It really hurts with standing up or sitting down. I’ve had low back pain and mid-buttock pain before, but never tailbone pain. Very odd. My doctor has not given me any imaging and the pain of my tailbone went away for about a week, now

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Apr 20, 2009 · A few months ago my tailbone started hurting for no reason. It hurts when i sit down even if its for short periods of time. Its like an aching pain. The area goes numb when im sitting for a while. But then when i stand up it feels like my butt is still attached to where i was sitting, feels like something is pulling and it hurts really bad

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Going from bad to worse. Sherlene – [email protected] Posted 2011-01-30. I am a 55 year old female that has had coccyx pain for two years. My pain started for no apparent reason.