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The most common underlying cause of small, itchy bumps on hands and feet is a skin condition known as dyshidrotic eczema.. Also referred to as pompholyx, vesicular eczema, foot-and-hand eczema, or simply dyshidrosis, dyshidrotic eczema is a common type of eczema.

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Small fluid-filled blisters called vesicles appear on the fingers, hands, and feet. They are most common along the edges of the fingers, toes, palms, and soles. These blisters can be very itchy. They also cause scaly patches of skin that flake or get red, cracked, and painful.

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Communities > Dermatology > Itchy Bumps on Hands and Feet. Aa. A. A. A. Close Dermatology Community 53.3k Members Itchy Bumps on Hands and Feet Small itchy bumps appear on hands, feet, arms and legs. Prurigo gestationis may be uncomfortable, but causes no harm to the mother or baby. When the pregnancy ends, so will the condition.

I’ve had little patches of clear spots that appear seemingly randomly for a long time. I can see a correlation between washed clothes and a break out though. I’ve had them since I was a kid, itchy little blighters. Also I’ve had bad ezcema since then and believe me the super steroids just do not work. However. IMO The way to get rid of them is squeezing them with a pair of needle nose pliers!(the thin ones). I expect this post will be moderated for suggesting such a unhygienic solution etc etc (sterlilse them). Bear with me becauise each one gives a tremendously satsifying. “CLIP” !! 8^))) (ps. sometimes they really DO away quicker and stay gone if its just few of them)I have this problem too. Omg my had ahad one bump then the next day I had five then it just keeps spreading now there on my feet. What’s wrong with me. U can’t squeeze them to POP them u have to get a needle cause there so hard to pop. The one s on my feet itch like crazy. Help me!!This same thing is happening to me and its awful! i itch the bumbs until i cause my feet to bleed. I worry about infection. I to have been to the doctor many times and each time is something new, this last time i was given steroids but it did nothing but maybe made it worse. Next week I am going to a foot doctor to hopefully put a stop to this! sorry you are dealing with this, i know its torture!I have this watery little bumps on my palm for years, it’s itchy and annoying. But it come and go. I scrub it really hard to make the bumps go away and it open the skin that’s infected, very tiny circle open area. I use a callous scrubber. Then because it’s an open wound, I have to use antibiotic then put some cortizone cream or any cream you think that is good to take away the itch. Yes, stress might trigger it too. It is like invisible but if you really look closely, it is inside the skin of your palm or it might be in sole of your feet and if some of you think it spreads once you pop one or two, it is because it is already there but you never seen it that’s the reason i scrub it hard until the circle are expose. I don’t believe it’s contigious. I am the only one who got it in the family. But as I said it come and go, it might be a month or 6 months from now or years. But I never stop scrubbing my palm to make sure there is nothing under the palm skin that make it start appearing again. Just make it a habit to scrub that infected area and dont forget to apply antibiotic and cream.OMG i’m going through the EXACT same thing and it’s driving me insane. I’ve had the odd one of these clear bumps on my fingers in the past, they were slightly painful and really itchy. Once I itched them long enough they went away and I didn’t think anything of them. I mentioned them to a doctor once and she said it was some kind of virus, like HPV, that lives in your body and flares up every now and again. Now I’ve got them and they’re all over my hands and starting to appear on my toes. I’m going out of my mind. They’re worse after waking up and the only relief is scratching the hell out of them with either a bruch or rubbing with a towel to create friction, then putting ice on my hands. I’ve been to the doctor and she was none the wiser but gave me a steroid cream to try. I’m waiting for a referral to a dermatologist but in the meantime this cream is making things worse and I’m going out of my mind!! please help!To the OP, thank you for posting the picture. I have the exact same thing in between my middle and ring fingers on both hands. The clusters are closer to the webs of my fingers, though, where the skin is driest. I thought these were remnants of a fungal infection since I had a rash on my hand last March that resembled ringworm (but the test came back negative), and these clusters had also appeared at that time. Now that it’s winter and my skin has been drying up, these clusters have been reappearing. I have been applying hydrocortisone 2.5%, and at one point, they were gone. I noticed that after I wore latex gloves in an attempt to keep my hands dry while shoveling, the mild sweat actually moisturized my hands and the tiny bumps were gone. I have also kept my hand-washing to a minimum, and make sure to pat my hands dry if I wet them. However, I recently took a break from applying the hydrocortisone, but then more popped up. I considered making a visit to a dermatologist until I found this post. Thanks again for posting the picture.Thank you so much for the picture — I had the same thing happen when I was 36 weeks pregnant and no one knew what it was or how to treat it. It took about 3 months for it to go away. It started on my feet, I thought it was athletes foot so I bought some cream and that did nothing. Pretty soon it was full-fleged hell. I would stay awake all hours of the night rubbing my feet with a hairbush, a fine toothed comb, a towel, whatever worked. After a few weeks it spread to my hands. The only thing to provide relief was to sit under ice cold running water until I was numb. They put me on medicine that knocked me out cold for almost 2 weeks but that didnt help the itch, only a tad. They tried putting me on steroids and that did a tiny bit of relief but nothing really worth mentioning. I found that my bumps got worse when I itched – like the more I itched the more bumps appread that look just like the photo that was posted. My feet started shedding and my primary doctor was worried about infection, but they couldn’t do anything since I was pregnant. Now my son is 15 months old and I am getting that familiar itch back that I first experienced at the 36 weeks of my pregnancy. Like the full-blown hell is on its way I am so frustrated because I don’t know what it is and the doctors I went to at the time didn’t know either. Has anyone gotten a diagnosis from a doctor? And can any one else post pics of their rashes on their hands and feet? If a rash appears on my hands/feet I will for sure post. One more thing: Does anyone have a nail issue also? After I got this itch problem my fingernails got infected and 4 doctors I have been to don’t know what it is or how to treat it.Hi to all. I have what would be an advanced case of DE on the soles of my feet. My case seems to be associated with the weather and stress, two causes considered to be universal among sufferers. My breakouts ocurr always during late fall/winter. I live in central Florida where temperature/humidity fluctuate wildly. I also have hives associated with this condition. My doc gave me a steroid pack which took care of the hives but the blisters and peeling on my feet persists. Had it on my palms for a while but that area has since cleared up. I do find that zinc oxide (Aveeno brand) and Emu oil (100%) provide tremendous relief of itching, drying and cracking of my skin. The Emu oil is the only emolient that does not cause hives for me. It absorbs quickly, doesn’t smell and not too expensive. The zinc oxide helps to keep the chaffing down from my shoes. I apply it and the Emu oil and cover the area with a layer of gauze before putting my shoes on (you can apply liberally as needed). Some of Rx preparations such as Olux foam/cream just don’t work. I am considering a hisatglobulin shot to get this thing in remission. I will let you all know how it works or if someone else has had this shot please let me know if it worked for you. ThanksSame thing I have had on my foot just two toes for two years have been to several doctors and they just don’t know what it is all they know is it is not fungal they think an allergy. The intense itching is so bad sometimes and hot water just makes it worse. I did read in other areas on the internet that it could be a gluten allergy so I cut out gluten for two weeks now and it has almost disappeared altogether. Also, someone had wrote that when they stopped using anti perspirant with aluminum it went away so I have tried that too. I don’t know if it is the gluten or aluminum since I stopped both at the ame time but almost all cleared up and barely any itching at all. I am going to see an allergist in a few weeks to test for both and more will let you know.I have had this condition for over two years now,I am a female and i am 34 years old.I have never had anything like this!! I have been to two dermatologists and one GP i have taken cortisone tablets and tried all the antibiotic and cortisone creams. I am an acrobat and find that i sweat a lot on my palms of my hands and the soles of my feet.(on the outer edge under my feet). I find that nothing helps and that this condition is getting worse and worse. It is continuos and swollen painful itchy and embarrassing. Do you think diet could help ? What do you mean by allergen foods high in metals?? It is definitely worse in hot humid conditions-my holiday in the Maldives was so difficult with this condition!!

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Oct 11, 2007 · Tiny “blister” like bumps on Feet For some reason, my feet will become very itchy and become covered in small bumps fill with clear liiquids, like mini blisters. Sometimes these blisters will appear on my fingers as well.

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For years ive hand these small bumps on my hands. They seem like warts but they dont quite fit the description. They are small, appear mainy on the sides of my fingers and sometimes my palms (although I get them on the top and bottom of my fingers as well), they are a slightly pink color not quite red, they are raised up from the skin with a flat top and a dark indent in the middle.

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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Ghattas on little red bumps on hands and feet: Most likely an allergic skin reaction to something you may have come into contact with.You can try over the counter antihistamines and if they do not resolve within 24 hrs, see your doctor

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I have these bumps on my hands, wrists and feet.They don’t itch or hurt, but sometimes burn a little. They are flakey and get red and hard under my skin after a while. I’m getting more and thier bigger too.

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Itchy bumps on feet are called dyshidrotic eczema in medical language. This is a condition of small blisters that may develop on the feet. The blisters are itchy and may be filled with fluid.

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These small bumps are part of the eczema family, its called Dyshidrosis. I first had an “episode” of these small bumps on my foot (if I looked closely at my foot, there was a tiny area with small skin coloured bumps.. about 4-6 smalll tiny bumps and super super super itchy).

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small white bumps on feet . By hreich000 | 207 posts, last post hreich000 over a year ago. I have many small white bumps on my feet near my ankles. They scratch off easily and are almost crumbly. The area is itchy after scratching. Possible Causes Of ‘White Bumps’ On Hands And Fingers. Infocenter articles. Natural cure for itchy skin;

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I have little bumps on my feet and hands that I have never had before. Not itchy, or painful, just small tiny white bumps. When I get a pedicure, she looks weirdly at them and then clips them off but they grow back by the next pedicure.

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A look at the itchy bumps on hands eczema, back, not itchy, itchy, blisters, feet, treatment Itchy bumps on hands eczema Hand dermatitis is a very much common group of acute as well as a chronic eczematous disorders which affects the dorsal and palmar aspects of hand.