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Oct 04, 2009 · Swelling in leg post prostate surgery. Chronic Illness Forums > his right leg began swelling and he was experiencing tightening and difficuly in walking and had extreme pain to his right groin area. After a couple of attempts to get some help from the Doctor, he finally fronted up to emergency and lay on the floor until he was seen by

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Leg Swelling After Prostate Cancer. Have you had prostate cancer and now your leg is swelling? With the advent of better and more effective cancer treatments, the survival rate for all cancers has risen dramatically. With this progress, a new and often misunderstood and …

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After your robotic prostatectomy surgery, the staff at UW Hospital and Clinics would like you to monitor your health and habits. If you have any shortness of breath, chest pain or lower leg swelling, go to the emergency room. Be careful that your bowel movements remain soft. You will be given a stool softener to assist with this

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Groin and thigh pain following radical prostatectomy

Dec 23, 2017 · Groin and thigh pain following radical prostatectomy Follow Posted 3 years ago , 15 Only 1 week ago started having swelling of my upper left thigh near the groin and standing or walking very short distance sets off pain through to my hip and sciatic nerve. The good news is that immediately after draining the lymphocele, my leg pain went

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Swelling of the penis and scrotum occurs commonly after radical prostatectomy. This is temporary and should resolve within four to seven days. Swelling of the feet or legs is uncommon and your doctor should be notified if this occurs.


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Returning Home After Prostatectomy be one of the few hospitals in the United States to offer Robotic Assisted radical prostatectomy as a surgical option for men with early prostate cancer. This technique · If you have any new sources of discomfort, for example, sore or swollen legs. Call Manchester Urology Associates anytime (24 hours

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I never saw that side effect mentioned when researching prostate surgery. Had I known what an edema was and searched for both the words edema and prostate surgery, I would have found this tidbit: “Scrotal/penile swelling and bruising: this may appear immediately after surgery or develop in the ensuing week after surgery.

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Swelling or bruising of the scrotum or penis . swelling or bruising of the scrotum and penis occurs commonly after the procedure. It is usually limited and will resolve within 7 to 10 days of the procedure. On occasion, elevation of the scrotum with a rolled towel while in bed will be helpful. Swollen leg(s) .

80-Year-Old Man With Massive Leg Swelling

80-Year-Old Man With Massive Leg Swelling. An 80-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with a 2-month history of painful swelling of his right lower extremity. His medical history was remarkable for metastatic prostate cancer, radical prostatectomy, androgen deprivation therapy with goserelin acetate (a gonadotropin-releasing hormone

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Post-operative Care [View a Printable version of these instructions] If you have had a robotic prostatectomy, Lower legs/ankle swelling: This is not abnormal and is not cause for serious concern. The swelling should go away in a week or two. Elevating your legs while sitting will help.

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Jul 23, 2017 · Many patients do not know what to expect during and after robotic radical prostatectomy. Professor Eden explains in plain English what patients can expect. [email protected] Expect some bruising and/or swelling of the abdomen, scrotum, penis and sometimes legs. The scrotal swelling can be quite alarming (up to the size of a grapefruit) but will settle

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PREGNANCY AFTER RADICAL PROSTATECTOMY: After radical prostate surgery, and no seminal fluid is being produced, but sperm is still being produced and absorbed into the body. How is swelling in the legs associated with cancer of the prostate? Swelling of the legs can occur because of prostate cancer if a lymph node dissection has removed a