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The secrets to growing your network, cultivating your professional relationships, and getting the most out of your connections.

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Be Helpful. When people in your network get stronger, you get stronger. By helping people in your …

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Author: Young Entrepreneur Council

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An approach from a stranger will seem like spam, so even doing this occasionally can slowly tarnish your professional brand. Instead, leverage your network to see if you know someone in common

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Figure out who matters most. This group is what Sobel calls the “critical few.” Whether a co …

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Make your presence noticeable. You have to make sure people know what you are doing and what …

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Networking functions are another great way to meet new contacts. 2. Be a yes man (or woman). In a column she penned for Harvard Business Review, Kathryn Minshew, CEO and co-founder of The Muse, offers a helpful piece of advice to young professionals: NYFO, or Network Your Face Off (figuratively speaking). That means saying yes to as many networking opportunities as possible.

How to network: 17 tips for shy people | CIO

Many introverted professionals think they have to pretend to be an extrovert for networking situations. That’s not true. Sure, you do have to make more effort than it takes to stay at home and read.