how long after knee replacement can i drive

How Soon Can You Drive After Total Knee Replacement?

Driving After Total Right Knee Replacement. With a right knee replacement, driving isn’t usually recommended until at least four weeks after surgery. Depending on how your TKA recovery goes, you may need to wait six to eight weeks before driving. As with a left knee arthroplasty, however, never get behind the wheel after right knee surgery if you are still on narcotic medication.

When can I start driving a car after total knee

I had my right knee replaced and I was able to drive, without any pain medications in me of course, in three weeks time. It was advised not to drive for 6 weeks but I had good strength and flex in the knee and I only drove a short distance to the outpatient physical therapy place.

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Can I drive after knee replacement surgery? | Knee

You can drive after knee replacement surgery if you have had a left knee replacement and you have stopped taking narcotics. If you have had surgery on your right knee, you should not drive for about four weeks. Most studies show that after knee replacement surgery people do not have normal reflexes,

How long after a knee replacement can you drive a car?

It depends on your surgeon. Usually it depends also on which leg was done. Takes longer before you can drive if your right knee was done, usually 6 weeks post surgery. With left leg 4 weeks post surgery. More Information: I will be getting a “total knee” replacement soon and my doctor said I would not be driving for at least 4 weeks.

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Driving After Knee Replacement. Brake time was tested at regular intervals after the replacement surgery (at four weeks, six weeks, and eight weeks postop). Occupational therapists specialize in assessing function and ability to complete daily tasks and activities. As such, they are the health care professionals who test for ability to drive.

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ACL reconstruction. • After ACL reconstruction on the right knee, braking function doesn’t normalize for about six weeks. A patient should avoid driving for about six weeks after ACL reconstruction on the right knee. A patient can often drive within about two weeks after ACL surgery on the left knee.