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Browse through and take thousands of career & goals quizzes . Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Settings Go to page. take this super accurate quiz to find out! Add to library 35 Discussion 79 Browse more Just For Fun. Find out what career you would be assigned to in the popular teen-fiction book The Giver.

Career Goal Achievement Quiz: Choosing a Career Goal

Career Goal Achievement Quiz. When you are ready to start this quiz, score each of the following statements on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 = I strongly disagree with the statement to a maximum of 10 = I strongly agree with the statement. 1) I have set this career goal in the past and failed because of other people or factors kept getting in my way.

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Assessing You Career Goals Quiz. STUDY. PLAY. Your reading explains that career goals have little meaning or value in isolation from education and life goals. The authors’ approach is consider your: life goals first, career goals second, and educational goals third.

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Long-Term and Short-Term Goals Quiz. To take this quiz: Use your mouse to click on a goal listed on the left. Hold down your mouse and move it to the right to drag that goal to either the “Short-Term Goal” or “Long-Term Goal” answer box. Correct answers will snap into place in the answer box. A wrong answer will go back into the list on the left.

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Your career goal is to have a job in the arts. From painting to music, the arts are a desirable career choice. With abundant opportunities to express yourself and be creative, this career path is emotionally fulfilling in many ways.

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With so many new opportunities awaiting you in life, one thing to be thinking about is where you will be living in the future. If you are looking for ideas, or are just curious to see where you will be in the future- take this quiz!

Career Personality Test- What is Your Career Personality

Find out which type of career best suits your personality with our free career personality test. Consult our expert advice in our career personality test and determine which career is best for your personality.

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Goal-setting is an important component of success, whether you are aspiring to reach objectives in sports, school, career or your personal life. Aspire too high and you may become frustrated and give up; aspire too low and you will never push yourself to reach your full potential. Take this test to find out whether your goal-setting attitude

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How Good Is Your Goal Setting? Instructions. Answer the following statements as you actually are (rather than as you think you should be!) When you’ve finished, click the “Calculate My Total” button to get your score. Then, use the tips that follow the quiz to improve your goal-setting skills.