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But many pregnant ladies have one single question “Can you bleed clots and still be pregnant? Before moving towards the answer, bleeding clot can happen during any time of pregnancy. It is common and will range in colours that can determine the seriousness of the bleeding.

Can you bleed heavy & still be pregnant early in the

ON told me i was 6 weeks so my advice is that the only truth is only God truly knows everything about the female body everything doctor's say is an educated guess or some research but they can't answer everything. The point is it's very possible to bleed like you are on your period and still be pregnant.

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Therefore, any bleeding you have during a pregnancy is, by definition, not a period. This is because your regular monthly cycles shut down when you are pregnant. During a pregnancy, higher levels of hormones, first from the corpus luteum in your ovary and then the placenta, turns off the normal menstrual cycle events.

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If your period is usually as regular as clockwork, and you’re now late, you may well be pregnant. It’s common to have light bleeding or spotting in early pregnancy. This type of bleeding may be caused by the development of the placenta. In the first weeks of pregnancy, your body does the job of providing your baby with nutrients and oxygen.

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Jan 25, 2011 · No, you cannot be pregnant and still have a period. “Women can certainly have vaginal bleeding during a pregnancy, but when they bleed, they are not …

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Jun 14, 2010 · Can u bleed and still be pregnant? well..i am 3-4 weeks late and all a sudden i starte bleeding but it doesnt last long at ali last 3-4 days but it was all day it come maybe an hour or so a dayis there anyway i can be pregnant??? Follow . 4 answers 4. Report Abuse.

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We got pregnant last may that ended in a miscarriage. My last period was November 25th. I had light spotting eleven days before my missed period. My period is two weeks late today. I started bleeding last night with cramps that come and go. I still feel very pregnant. My boobs still hurt. I have veins on my boobs and stomach. Still feel sick to my stomach.

i am going through the same thing! spotted for 2 days bleed heavy for 2 day then it stop yesterday! im so worriedwhat ever happened? im experiencing the same thingi dont know how old this is; but im 15 and i had the same thing on december 10th, its january 11 and im on what is belivied to be my periood. It was light for like the first 4 days and now there heavy spotting. my famliy alredy knows about the whole pregnancy thing so im not helpless. im just worried about an eptopic pregnacy because im getting in my abomen, in the lowerr stomach..& neck pain. also nausa. please help. (: Miranda_kate2009***@****. email me with anyy help.I would be six weeks tomorrow my husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years. We got pregnant last may that ended in a miscarriage. My last period was November 25th. I had light spotting eleven days before my missed period. My period is two weeks late today. I started bleeding last night with cramps that come and go. I still feel very pregnant. My boobs still hurt. I have veins on my boobs and stomach. Still feel sick to my stomach. My smell is still heightened. I still have gas and heartburn. Still getting headaches. Everything seems right except the blood and cramps. The cramps don’t feel like the last miscarriage. Any advice?im 5 weeks and expierenced the same thing you have it started out with light bleeding and went to the er they said early abortion meaning miscarriage went in to get my blood tests and waiting on the answer but i had cramps and my bleeding was really heavy for one day but there is still a possibilty the embryo is still thereany news since this post? I had a mc in november 2011 12 weeks along woke up to lots of period like blood never had any pains at all the pregnancy symptoms dont just leave your body it can take up to 3 months, I bled for 7 weeks past mc and had symptoms for 2 weeks after that. heartbreaking it is I do hope everything was ok with u, my sister bled really heavy an went on to have a healthy baby, so everyone different.I had sex jan 1 and after that, the using the bathroom every ten seconds and pressure on the bladder,feeling sick,heachaches,lower back pains,always tired,eatting more then usually,feeling flutters in the stomach, but jan 14-17 i had my period, well i dont know if it was a period but it was light, then i had sex on the 19th of jan i think, and then jan 24th-27th it came back light, and i still been having the same symptoms and i been experiencing like me not likeing the smell of eggs, or other food at the school, or at home, all i want is sweet food, or fruit, but i been having bad bad bad cramps, an i started a light period yesterday on feb15th but it got heavier today and my cramps are out of control and no type of pills work and they usually work. Can anyone tell me whats going onHi all, I took a period on 16th january, which is 2 days late, it lasted 4 days which is odd for me as I usually last the full 7 days 🙁 my boyfriend and I had intercourse on the days I was supposed to be ovulating. Within the 2 weeks I had sore boobs, nausea, lower abdominal cramps and lower backache. I took my next period on 13th february (the monday also a day early) so I ruled out any possibility of pregnancy. But it only lasted 3 days.. On the saturday we had intercourse and I started to bleed again but it stopped pretty much straight away. Now I’m having pink mucousy discharge, lower backache and cramping.. I think I’m going crazy!!!Ps I forgot to mention that for the last 2 nights I have been woken up with incredibly terrible indigestion! Please help xoMe and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby and weve had sex about 10 times. Im using the restroom alot, my breast are sensative, im hungry alot more then usual, my mood swings are changing, and im super tired alot, im not sure if im pregnant yet becasue the frist time we did it without protection was feb. 11 and im not sure if its too soon and thats why im bleeding or having my period. or if im just not pregnant. I was bleeding light at first and then it started getting really heavy after i had sex.. im not sure what to do and im kinda scared because we thought i was pregnant.. what should i do?

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Pregancy and bleedin: It is possible to still be pregnant even though you have bled for about 4 days. However, early pregnancy bleeding colud also be a sign of miscariage or spontaneous abortion. You will need to go in for a pregnancy ultrasound asap. Observe a pelvic rest and no sex until bleeding …

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Bleeding during a “normal” period often starts off light, then gets heavier and darker red. It also lightens in color and quantity toward the end of the cycle. The differences between menstruation and being pregnant are supposed to be clear-cut: Once you’re pregnant, you don’t get periods anymore.


CAN YOU STILL HAVE A MENSTRAL PERIOD WHILE PREGNANT? By GRADEA 798 | 128 posts, You could still be pregnant. I had regular periods the whole time. You can bleed during pregnancy and MISTAKE it for a peirod though! Take a pregnancy test, it would be accurate. Actually you can. My aunt got her period every month up until she was 6 months

anyone been pregnant and still had negative home pregnancy Nov 17, 2010
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i had unprotected sex..but then i got my periodcould i

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