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A couple of times a year I get the chance to tell you about special offers being run by ALDI and as always these tend to last only a few days they in fact often sell out sooner than that. I have permission to tell you a day or so in advance so you get the chance to get there on the first day.

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Dec 09, 2012 · Aldi is going to be selling a 76mm dob in next Thursday special buy. Anyone want to risk it and tell us what they are like. They are about £10 cheaper than SW and Celestron’s 76mm mini dob.

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it is the wrong type of telescope to be looking at the moon anyway, you’d want a refractor telescope.

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$29.99 National Geographic 50mm Telescope $29.99 Syma Stunt Drone $29.99 Bee Happy 52″ Giant Plush $39.99 Crane 3-in-1 Multi Game System • Wondering about how ALDI works? Get the scoop here: ALDI 101 • ALDI stores accept credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express!

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Replied by mjc on topic Aldi/Lidl Due Another Telescope Sale Soon? The discount stores generally have their stuff at very good prices. The Meade with the autostar goto shoud be a good goto system – the handcontroller is an Autostar 497 and the user can upgrade the firmware when necessary.

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ALDI Offers; Lidl Telescope. Lidl Offers Leaflet 18th May-24th May 2017. Lidl Spanish Week 2017, Lidl Super Weekend Offers, Lidl Telescope, Silvercrest Beard Trimmer, Silvercrest Bluetooth Speaker, Silvercrest Dehumidifier, Silvercrest Ionic Hair Dryer, Silvercrest Power Bank, Singer Sewing Machine, Tefal Steam Generator Iron

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Another ALDI Catalogue that is designed to be a source of your happiness. Aldi Special Buys Week 5 deals valid from 30 Jan and 2 Feb. Let’s examine some of the categories. Underwear and Office Furniture. First of all Office furniture and equipment part of the catalogue has an amazing product range.

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Jun 29, 2013 · taken through my telescope. How the Universe Works – Black Hole in the Milky Way – Space Discovery Documentary How the Universe Works 165 watching Live now

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Dec 09, 2005 · However over the weekend he decided to offer me his telescope free of charge (well I will have to buy him a kebab and rice) I tild him to think about if for sure over the weekend apparently the eye piece is broken but could easily be fixed he said (he just hasn’t bothered). Aldi did a reflector telescope last year

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Feb 10, 2005 · Aldi reflector telescope. $89. Archive View Return to standard view. last updated – posted 2005-Feb-10, 3:00 pm AEST posted 2005-Feb-10, 3:00 pm AEST I then went on to offer an alternative to the toy scope in the advert other than the standard 7x50mm recommendation.

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‘ALDI’ reflector telescope Asked Mar 7, 2009, 05:00 AM — 5 Answers In the UK Aldi and Lidl often offer cheap refractor and reflector telescopes, complete simple sets with tripod and additional lens sets.

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Nov 10, 2007 · Aldi Telescope from Thursday 11/10/07 Showing 1-6 of 6 messages. Aldi Telescope from Thursday 11/10/07: Beeblebrox: 10/8/07 10:41 AM: > I don’t like the Aldi telescope either. > > A *Lidl* offer of a 70mm refractor was a Bresser Skylux on an > equatorial mounting. > I bought one. Not a bad bit of kit as a first telescope.