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Aldi and Lidl’s best and worst luxury Christmas food

Five of the best. Aldi, specially selected four-bird roast, £9.99 Your four birds are chicken, turkey, duck and goose. Despite the phrase “added water” cropping up repeatedly in the ingredients, this is a satisfyingly meaty roast. The gamey flavours of the duck and goose (6% and 5% of the 1.58kg, respectively) shine through, as does the pork,

Five Bird Roast Deal at Aldi, Offer Calendar week

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Specially Selected Five Bird Roast – £9.99 from Aldi

Hand prepared roast of Turkey, Duck, Goose, Pheasant and Chicken layered with Pork, Clementine and Cranberry Stuffing. Topped with Bacon and a Port and Cranberry Glaze.

Iceland Five Bird Roast with a Cranberry & Port Glaze 1

Iceland Five Bird Roast with a Cranberry & Port Glaze 1.5Kg. Basted skin-on chicken breast joint with added water with turkey breast with added water, duck, goose and guinea fowl layered with a pork, sage and onion stuffing, topped with streaky bacon with a cranberry and port glaze sachet.

Aldi Five Bird Roast – Forums

Just been into our local Aldi & picked up their Christmas offering catalogue & disaster has struck !! NO Five Bird Roast this year. Anybody know why not ?? They have been an absolutely brilliant product at an excellent price for years.

Does anyone have an Aldi 5 bird roast in their freezer?

Hoping someone can help! We normally have a 5 bird roast from Aldi at Christmas but I’m not sure if I can have it this year as I’ve recently become lactose intolerant (thanks to pregnancy!).

Range preview: Aldi Christmas 2018 –

Three Game Roast. Aldi introduces a three-game roast for this festive season, consisting of duck, guinea fowl and goose with a slow gin and cranberry glaze. It’s a simplification of a five-bird roast offered in previous years, taking the view that less is more. Available with …

Aldi’s Four Bird Roast – Mumsnet

Aldi’s Four Bird Roast. The fact someone has sort of mucked about with random bits of several creatures and sort of pasted them together into a manmade item, well just the less interference the better, I suppose – I don’t know, just puts me off a bit. Like the difference between an apple, and something made from bits of an apple, bits of an orange,

Four Bird Roast – £6.99 instore at Aldi (down from £9.99

You know how to treat your friends at a dinner party. a 4 bird roast from Aldi, what did you make them for pudding..a strawberry cheesecake from Icelands? Quote Like Permalink jtjt. 7th Apr 2013. 6 hotukdeals is a community for deal seekers. Find and share the best deals, promotional codes and vouchers from on and off the web. Statistics.